Lounging on the sofa with your laptop can be comfortable for short periods, but it’s great to have a computer desk for serious work. A desk can help you stay organized with everything you need close at hand. The right size and style of computer desk, especially when combined with an ergonomic desk chair, promote good posture so you stay healthier.

When you start shopping for a desk, there are so many kinds available that it might be a little overwhelming at first to choose just one. That’s why we selected the five best computer desks and reviewed them here. We selected them by comparing their features to their cost so you can get the most value for the money. Let’s begin our guide to the top five desks by discussing what makes them the best.

Essential features of the best computer desks

The best computer desk for your home will have certain desirable features like these:

  • The right size for its location, for you, for your chair, and for the computer and peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, and so on
  • Room for file storage or other accessories if needed
  • Constructed from durable materials
  • Matches your home or office décor

Before you begin shopping for a desk, it’s a great idea to take a lot of measurements first. Measure the space where you want to place the desk. Measure your desk chair if you have one already.

Figure out how high your keyboard and monitor (or laptop) need to be so that you work or play comfortably. It’s smart if you can bend your elbows 90-degrees and look straight ahead at the screen without dipping or raising your head.

Take stock of the items you’ll be placing on or in your desk. How much room do you need for your printer, your computer and accessories, and other items you use while working or gaming? Is there a place for everything, plus a little left over? Do you have space to write and work?

Finally, think about your home décor. Would a classic wooden desk match better, or would you prefer a modern minimalist piece? No matter what style you select, consider durability, too. High pressure laminate is more resistant to dents and scratches than real wood, and it’s less expensive. Tempered glass is elegant, but may have a supporting weight limit lower than an all-metal desk.

Specifics on desk space requirements

Before we go any further, here are some specific suggestions on space requirements for a desk. Most desktops are 29 to 30 inches high. See if that works for the chair you plan to use.

Leave about 3 to 4 feet of space behind your desk chair so you can maneuver around your desk. If you plan to have client chairs opposite your desk, leave them the same amount of space in front of you. (And remember to purchase a desk that has a finished front so your guests aren’t staring at bare particleboard.)

The top 5 computer desks

Now let’s dive into the reviews of the five best computer desks for the money. Here’s a quick comparison:


Desk Features OfficeFurniture2Go.com
Riverside 58” Fully assembled
For PC or laptop
Lots of desktop and storage space
Locking drawer holders letter and legal-size folders
Real wood
Check Price
Safco Computer Workstation (Glass) Easy assembly
Can write on it with dry erase markers
Clean, simple, elegant design
Shelves for storage or printer
Works for PC or laptop
Check Price
TechniMobili  with Storage Letter-size file drawer, two other storage drawers
Uncluttered desktop space
Works for PC or laptop
Check Price
Sauder with Mini-Hutch and Storage Hutch on top for organization
Letter-size file drawer plus smaller storage drawer
Works for PC or laptop
Check Price
Muv Mini Tower Mobile Rolls on locking casters
Holds PC or laptop plus printer and accessories
Very small footprint
Check Price



Dream Desk for Laptop or PC: 58″ Computer Desk by Riverside

Computer Desk by Riverside

Computer Desk by Riverside

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The 58-inch long Computer Desk by Riverside is part of their Bridgeport Collection. It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture made from real poplar hardwood. It comes fully assembled so all you have to do is enjoy it. It comes with base levelers if you need them for your floor.

This desk is packed with thoughtfully-designed features. The top surface is 30 inches high. You can use it for a laptop, a PC, or simply paperwork. The center compartment is a computer tower storage space with one fixed shelf and one moveable shelf. The rear panel has openings to run wires and provide ventilation.

There is a knee drawer with a drop-front face that you can use to support a keyboard and mouse. It’s mounted on ball-bearing extension guides for strength and mobility. There is a two-outlet powerbar at the rear and there are access holes for cables or cords. But if you don’t need it for a keyboard, it can be used as a regular storage drawer.

The bottom file drawer locks with a key. It fits both letter and legal-size file folders. The two drawers above it are smaller, but built with dovetail joinery for strength and durability. The top one has a pencil tray and a felt-lined bottom. All three drawers are mounted on ball-bearing extension guide bars for smooth operation.

There is one more hidden feature on the right hand side of the desk above the drawers. It’s a pull-out writing shelf.

More features of the 58” Computer Desk from Riverside:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Matching pieces of office furniture are available


Elegant and Modern: Computer Workstation by Safco Office Furniture

Computer Workstation by Safco Office Furniture

Computer Workstation by Safco Office Furniture

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This Computer Workstation from Safco almost doesn’t look like a desk at all. Its spare and elegant design fits into the most modern of homes. Plus, it has a fun feature that will make your life easier. You can write on the tempered glass of the workspace and shelves with a dry erase marker.

Although it’s made of glass, the Workstation is strong. The desktop can support up to 66 pounds of weight. The upper shelves can hold up to 11 pounds each, and the bottom shelf supports up to 20 pounds. The frame is made of steel and has a powder-coated surface to resist scratches and rust.

Even better, this is one of the easiest desks to assemble. You can purchase a keyboard tray for it—one is sold separately.

More features of the Safco Computer Workstation:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 66 pounds


Compact with Storage: Computer Desk with Storage and File Cabinet by TechniMobili

Computer Desk with Storage and File Cabinet by Techni Mobili

Computer Desk with Storage and File Cabinet by Techni Mobili

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This simply elegant desk from TechniMobili is compact, but still has room for your files and accessories. Many people work with laptops now instead of PC towers, and this is a great laptop workspace. There’s less need for a place to store a bulky computer, although you could fit one on the floor underneath.

The two storage drawers and letter-size file folder drawer open out to their full length on their metal runners so you can access all your items. Their white interiors make it a little easier to find things if you don’t have a lot of light available.

It’s made from heavy-duty particleboard that supports weight up to 110 pounds. It’s covered with a moisture-resistant PVC laminate veneer that resembles pine wood. The legs are power-coated steel. It’s durable enough that it comes with a lifetime warranty. You’ll need to assemble it, and most users have commented that it takes a couple hours to complete.

More features of the computer desk with storage and file cabinet by TechniMobili:

  • Stands 30 inches high, measures 47 inches long by 23.6-inches wide
  • Weighs 87 pounds
  • Unfinished front


Classic Style on a Budget: Computer Desk with Organizer Hutch by Sauder

Computer Desk with Organizer Hutch by Sauder

Computer Desk with Organizer Hutch by Sauder

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The Sauder Shoal Creek Desk hasa classic design with storage and a workspace for a laptop or paperwork. It comes in two colors: Diamond Ash or Jamocha Wood, to better match the color scheme in your home.

The small hutch on top lets you rest a small printer, speakers, reference books, or photographs. The space under the hutch shelf lets you slide compact discs, cables, or headphones out of the way. There is a grommet hole so you can run power cords or other cables through to the rear of the desk.

There is one storage drawer (although it looks like there are two) and a letter-size file drawer underneath. Both of those pull out almost all the way on their metal runners. The safety stops keep you from spilling them onto the floor by accident. When you’re assembling the desk, you may appreciate the T-Lock drawer system that doesn’t take long to put together.

The desk itself is made from medium density fiberboard with a durable laminate finish. It measures 36.36 inches tall (with the hutch, 30 inches without) by 23.5 inches wide by 48.38-inches long.

More features of the Sauder Shoal Creek Computer Desk with Organizer Hutch:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty


Mobile Workspace: Muv Mini Tower Desk by Safco Office Furniture

Mini Tower Desk by Safco Office Furniture

Mini Tower Desk by Safco Office Furniture

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Not every home has space for a computer desk. If that’s your case, take a look at this Muv Mini Tower Desk from Safco. It can accommodate a computer tower, a printer, keyboard and mouse, and monitor, plus lets you store a few accessories. The caster wheels make it easy to move from place to place depending on your needs. You can lock two of the wheels so the desk won’t roll while you’re using it.

If you had a laptop instead of a PC, you could make use of the 16-1/2-inch tall tower space to store books or other items. The same goes for the 19-3/4-inch wide pullout printer shelf.

One of the best features of this desk is the adjustable keyboard shelf. You can move it up or down in 1-inch increments when you mount it. It pulls out and retracts underneath the desktop. The surfaces are particleboard covered with a laminate veneer, and the frame is powder-coated steel.

More features of the Safeco Muv Mini Tower Desk:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Requires assembly



While choosing a computer desk may not seem as important as a new sofa or a bed, it can still be a challenge to select the perfect one for your needs. If you plan to use it a lot, your new desk deserves thoughtful consideration.

If you have limited space and like the idea of a mobile desk you can stash away, take a look at the Muv Mini Tower Desk.

If you want a desk that blends into your home décor, especially if you have a modern style, consider the Safco Computer Workstation with its tempered glass desktop. You can leave yourself notes on it with a dry erase marker.

If you want storage space along with workspace, check out the Sauder Computer Desk with Organizer Hutch, the TechniMobili Computer Desk with File Storage, and the Riverside 58” Computer Desk. The Sauder and TechniMobili are ideal if you’re watching your budget.

Out of all of these models, the Riverside 58-inch Computer Desk gives you the most frills for the money. It’s the largest, it comes fully assembled, it neatly hides away lots of storage space including a locking drawer, and it functions well for PCs, laptops, or simply paperwork.






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